Thursday, December 12, 2013

Personality Test?

I found the gingerbread house decorating to be fascinating this year.  We so clearly have 2 right brained children, and 2 lefties.  Nathan and Spencer were methodical, very orderly.  Sam and Matthew were throwing caution to the wind, putting candy anywhere their hearts desired. This fits them all so well.  Matthew and Sam are my creative, artistic children.  Nathan and Spencer are much more orderly and precise about how things should be.  I just watched in wonder how these traits seem to pour out into their houses. Afterward I went through and found some pictures of Spencer decorating when he was just two.  He was extremely orderly in his house then too.  Fascinating.


Karen said...

Hahaha interesting! I love the candy corn on there

Rachel said...

Do you secretly have a favorite house? Or is that like choosing a favorite child?

This is funny and so true.

Rebecca said...

4 boys 5 houses Did Jeremy do one and which one is his????? I like the all!!!