Monday, June 24, 2013

Zoo Day

How is your summer going?  Ours is just dandy.  Today we headed to the Boise zoo.  Not a great zoo, but I have gotten used to it over the years and am happy to have a zoo in our fine city.  I told the boys to wear good shoes for the zoo.  This is what I got.  The flip-flop brigade.  Whatever, I guess they are not having foot pain like their Mom and they can wear non-sensible shoes.  Look at their arms.  They all walk the same!
 The zoo added a dinosaur exhibit.  Fake animals at a zoo are really funny to me.  We don't come to the zoo to see fake animals!  Anyway, the boys did like all the new dinosaurs.  They were also quite loud throughout the zoo.  I kept wondering if the animals were traumatized by these new sounds.  I was. 
 More fakeys.  I actually liked these better than the real ones.  Much more playful.
 Here they are, some real animals.  I think the giraffes are quite the highlight of the Boise zoo.  They are always out and ready to be seen.  Even if they are sleeping they are standing there so nicely for you.
Fake safari jeep.  My kids love this thing.  Kids start driving at 14 in Idaho.  What?  That's right.  So, Spencer was showing me my future.


Heidi said...

For some reason this really made me laugh a lot. Thanks! I kind of wanna come visit the Boise zoo.

Karen said...

Awesome pictures!! I love the Boise zoo and really miss it. I love the size of it and I love the tigers. The dinosaurs look cool! I love your line about the traumatizing sounds!!! Nathan looks so old. I didn't even know which one of yours he was. It took me a minute to figure out it was Nathan!

Janis said...

You make a great Mom of boys! They are so lucky!!

Sally said...

They look so tall!

Katie said...

Thanks for taking Tate! Love the flip flop brigade and seeing Spencer drive!